8. Crafty.

So I consider myself to be of the crafty sort. Ever since I was little, I can remember having some sort of crafty project ongoing, whether in my head or strewn across the kitchen table. I taught myself to sew by hand before Home Ec, where I gloriously learned how to work a machine. I learned how to make a lockstitch in that class, and that was the end of my formal training. Since then, I've taught myself to quilt, knit, make a french seam, crochet, blanket stitch by hand, make wreathes, scrapbook, and other similar crafts. I love a good project, and have really been slacking in the creative department. The back injury {healing quickly, thanks to lots of stretching, a physical therapy plan, and a packed schedule of constant movement} really sidelined me, and then I took on a few freelance writing projects. Major time sucks.

But now, I feel renewed, especially now that I've given in to the wonder that is Pinterest. Below are two pins on my DIY board, and hopefully two projects I plan to start and finish in a timely manner.

I think this is a super cute goth-type wreath for Halloween. It's still pretty, which I dig.

This is crazy, right? It's melted crayons and a hot glue gun on canvas. I know it looks crazy, but I have spectacular plans for this. I'll update with pictures when the project is complete!

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