2. Can You Dig It?

I hate exercising.

I do. I know it's a terrible thing to say and that I should be all "yay! exercise! my body is awesome!" but I'm not. I have {as diagnosed by Dr. Google} exercise lazyitis with a side case of boredom. If I'm on a treadmill, I can't wait to get off. If I'm in an exercise class, I can't wait to leave. I've been known to stop workout DVDs halfway through becausing I'm "not feeling it." I can't seem to find an activity or sport that holds my attention long enough to kick my ass.

Well, one exception: I've been doing Cross-fit workouts, as supervised by my husband, a personal trainer. {Record screech: Yes, my husband is a personal trainer. Yes, despite this I am still fat. No, it's not as convenient as you think.} Whether it's his eagle-eye ability to spot me being lazy, or just the fact that he practically shoves me to the gym, these workouts engage me, and dare I say it, make me feel strong. Who knew deadlifting could actually be fun? {Well, my husband, but he doesn't count.}

But here's my beef with Cross-fit. I don't always feel that the workouts are enough. Some days, they really do kill me. Some days, I feel like I could workout for another thirty minutes after I finish {no, of course I don't actually continue working out. I'm not crazy.}* I know that if I enrolled in a Cross-fit gym, I'd get more effective, kick my ass to Timbuktu and back workouts. {Cue the whine:} But I don't want to pay for it.

I feel like if I could find a type of cardio workout that I don't find to be so boring I'd rather pull my eyelashes out than continue doing, the Cross-fit workouts would be a perfect supplement. So, any suggestions?

*Yes, I realize that a major portion of my inability to commit to exercise is the negativity and excuses I've spent the last ten minutes writing about.

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